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HP Officejet Printer Setup And Installation

Common HP Officejet Printer Support for Setup And Install

  •    Before starting HP Officejet Printer Setup, first open the cardboard box and take out the printer from it, and then remove all the tapes, stickers and packing materials from the printer’s outside. Now, discard the tapes and packing materials under the ink cartridge access door, by opening the exterior door.
  •    Now, slowly remove the cardboard box, all the tapes, stickers, and packing materials from inside the printer after opening the ink cartridge access door. Also, do not discard the cardboard box as it contains printer components or materials inside it.
  •    Now, open the box and take out the ink cartridges one by one carefully. Also, take out the power cable and USB cable from it. The contents might vary sometimes and so check the packaging for the items that shipped in the box.
  •    Now, try to connect one end of the power cord into an electrical outlet and the other end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and then quickly turn the printer on by pressing the power button.
  •    Once the printer is switched on, you need to install the HP ink cartridges that shipped in the box with your printer. For that, first, open the cartridge access door and then wait for sometime till carriage is idle and then remove the cartridge.
  •    Once the old cartridge is removed from its slot, keep it for recycling. Then slowly open the new cartridge from the package and carefully install it into its slot, and then push it gently till it clicks or suits into its place.
hp officejet printer setup
  •    After installing, close the cartridge access door. Now, insert enough amount of paper into the paper tray and then slide the stack of paper down until it stops. Now, pull out the output tray and lift the tray extender.
  •    After inserting the paper into the paper tray, the overall HP Officejet Printer Setup is done for the printer. Now, you need to download and install the latest version 123 HP Officejet printer drivers and software for your printer to complete the whole setup of the Officejet printer.

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Common 123 HP Officejet Printer Drivers And Manual Download

The driver installation procedure for the printer is described in detailed process. To install the latest printer driver for the Officejet printer, follow the steps given below accordingly.

hp officejet printer drivers
  •    You can quickly 123 HP Officejet he Officejet printer driver from our website 123.hp.com/Officejet by just clicking the below-displayed link.
  •    After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the driver download and there you should click “Download”.
  •    The driver will begin downloading after you choose the “download” option and then a set of instructions displays.
  •    Tap “Open”, “Save”, or “Run” in any windows that appeared to install the 123 HP Officejet drivers and you should select the format.
  •    You should choose .exe for Windows and as .dmg for Mac to save the file and file gets saved.
  •    Open the ” Downloads folder” or “browser downloads bar” and double-click the driver file to start driver installation.
  •    Do as per the on-screen instructions to complete the HP Officejet Printer Setup. Also, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation.
  •    After completing the driver installation, return to the starting of the webpage to finish the printer registration and activation.

123 HP Officejet Installation Using CD/DVD

You can also install the driver using the CD or DVD. To install the Officejet driver using the CD, do as per the steps that are detailed below.

  •   You can install the Officejet printer driver from the CD that shipped or delivered along with the printer.
  •    First insert the CD into the CD drive and at once it asks to begin the installation wizard.
  •    Click “Start” to begin the installation Wizard and then do as per the steps displayed on the screen.
  •    After completing all the instructions the 123 HP Officejet printer drivers gets installed. Now, you can perform all the printing related tasks.

123 HP Officejet User Manual Download

The Officejet user manual can be quickly downloaded from our website 123.hp.com/Officejet. Just click on the recommended link and you will be immediately directed to the manual download and there you can download the latest manual for your 123 HP Officejet printer.

  •   The Officejet user manual includes the instructions, information, and solutions regarding the setup and the troubleshooting.
  •    It includes complete information regarding the Officejet printer. It also includes safety instructions for your printer.
  •    The manual HP Officejet Printer Support or user guide includes general and specific information on using the Officejet printer.
  •   The manual also includes information on setting up and configuring the accessibility features for the printer.

Common Officejet Printers Troubleshooting And Issues

The most common issues and the troubleshooting for the 123 HP Officejet printer are elaborated in step-wise format.

123 HP Officejet Out Of Paper Error

When you attempt to print, the printer stops picking or feeding paper and displays an ‘Out of Paper’ error message on the computer or control panel.

  •    The condition and type of paper can cause or affect the way your printer picks paper. The paper does not feed into the printer as the edges of low-quality paper that has absorbed moisture might curl or lift the sheet. So check the condition of the paper and reload it.
  •    Paper fiber, dust, and other debris might accumulate on the pick rollers and cause or result in paper feed problems. Clean the rollers inside the printer and in the duplexer (if equipped), to prevent paper feed issues. Now, try to print again and check if the issue is resolved using HP Officejet Printer Assistant.
  •    If the above steps didn’t resolve the issue then, try to reset the printer. To reset, you should disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer without turning the printer off. Then reconnect the power cord after 30 seconds. If it didn’t power on automatically, then press the power button.

123 HP Officejet No Scan Options Error

When you attempt to scan from the printer control panel, a scan setting or options error message appears and the scan fails. Do the following steps to overcome the issue.

  •   To resolve a missing scan settings error, restart the computer and printer.After restarting, try to scan and check if the issue is resolved. If not, then try to add ‘scan to’ shortcuts. To set scan options in the printer control panel menu, you can use HP Solution Center software.
  •    Run the print and scan doctor tool to find and resolve the issue. Also, try to temporarily disable the firewall software on the computer. If the error is still there, then ensure the digital imaging monitor software is running, as it is needed in order to scan from the control panel.
  •    Try to uninstall the printer software and then reinstall the latest printer software. Now try to scan and if the HP Officejet Printer Setup issue still persists then try scanning workarounds. Depending on the printer, the workarounds may change. Now, try to scan and check if the issue is resolved by HP Officejet Printer Assistant.

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