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HP Officejet pro 7740 is a beautifully crafted printer aimed at fulfilling all your office needs. Based on four-color ink jet printing technology, this device can print documents mono and color at 34 pages per minute and has a monthly duty cycle of 30,000 pages. Printing resolution tops out at 1200 x 1200 for mono and 4800 x 1200 dpi for color. This printer can be connected via USB, LAN and wireless. With the availability of mobile printing and wireless direct, 123.hp.com/ojpro7740 printer can operate without a router. This printer is installed with a 512 MB standard RAM for a lag-free usage and a 2.65-inch screen for ease of use.


Driver Download and Manual for 123 HP OJPro7740 Printer

123 HP OfficejetPro 7740 Driver Download

The most important software without which the printer cannot be operated is the driver software. This software acts as the bridge that connects the computer and the printer. They can be downloaded for free or installed from the CD provided with the box package.

  •    The first software that is to be installed after unboxing the printer is the driver software.
  •    Set up the printer and connect it to a power cord. Turn it on and complete the preliminary setting up process.
  •    Before proceeding to install the driver, the file has to be downloaded and it can be done by following the below mentioned steps.
  •    Connect the printer to your computer and a credible source of internet. Wireless network connection is the most preferred choice.
  •    On your printer’s control panel, choose wireless which will enable your printer o scan for available networks.
  •    Choose the one that belongs to you and connect to it by entering the password.
  •    Your computer has to be connected to the same wireless network. Open the link that is specified on this website 123.hp.com/ojpro7740.
  •    Enter your printer model number on the screen that is displayed. Understand that a driver software is unique and designed individually for every printer in the market.
  •    The driver software of one printer will not work with the driver software of another printer.
  •    Click the download button and you will be prompted to choose your computer’s operating system. Choose one and click Download.

123 HP OfficejetPro 7740 Manual Download

A comprehensive guide to the printer operation is provided in the user manual. The guides include unboxing, set up, and troubleshooting. A pictorial description of the various components of the printer 123.hp.com/ojpro7740 is provided which facilitates easier understanding. A printed copy of the same is provided with the box package.

  •    Every electronic gadget that needs setting up is provided with a user guide and printers are no exception.
  •   User guides contain detailed information pertaining to the printer and its operational facilities.
  •   A detailed legend of the buttons and slots present on the printer are explained.
  •   Instructions that are to be followed in the event of the printer running into an issue is also provided.
  •   For easier understanding, graphical images that guide you step by step through the installation process is present.
  •   A printed copy of the same is provided with the box package to assist with the unboxing.
  •   Referring to these guides in times when the printer runs into issues can save you a lot of money.

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How to install 123-hp-com-ojpro7740 Printer

This 123.hp.com/ojpro7740 process involves unboxing the printer after which installation follows. Also termed set up, this involves the printer to be plugged into the power socket and the necessary printer accessories are installed in it. The last step would be driver installation and a final attempt at printing is performed to check its working condition.

  •    The procedure begins with the unboxing. Move the package to a flat surface and remove all the contents.
  •   On the printer, there are tapes stuck which are removed. They can be found in the input and output tray, the carriage and the scanning module.
  •   This is done so that these parts can be prevented from moving around during transportation.
  •   The accessories present in the box are removed and unpacked and the packaging materials are destroyed.
  •   The power cord is connected to the printer and the wall socket. There is no voltage stabilizer or spike busted employed.

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  •   The ink cartridges are opened from their packaging and to install them, the cartridge access door is opened.
  •   The carriage contains an exclusive slot for the cartridges. These are secured by cartridge latches.
  •   They make sure that the cartridge stays in place. The cartridge contains a tape underneath which is removed.
  •   This tape covers the printhead and the contact points. These two components are what is responsible for performing printing function.
  •   Carefully remove the tape and place the cartridges in their respective slot.
  •   Make sure to not touch the printhead nor the contact points as doing so will cause dirt to be accumulated on the printhead causing blotches on the print.
  •   The latch is locked to secure the cartridge and stop it from shifting from its location during the printing process.
  •   The scanner lip is opened and the glass is thoroughly cleaned as dirt present on the glass will cause a fall in the clarity of scans. (123.hp.com/setup 7740)

Solve Issues on 123.hp.com/ojpro7740 by Troubleshooting Solution

123 HP Setup 7740 Ink cartridges replacement

  •    The main function of your printer is to perform printing and this is a task that consumes ink and the level of ink expended for every print varies on the resolution and quality of the document.
  •   Ink cartridges easily account for the most expensive replaceable component of a printer. Before replacing your ink cartridge, it is recommended that you check the ink levels.
  •   Maintaining healthy ink levels can positively impact your printer. Replacing the ink cartridge when there is still ink left in the cartridge is a waste of money.
  •   Ink levels can be monitored from the control panel of the printer and also from the ink management tool found in 123.hp.com/ojpro7740 driver software.
  •   A warning symbol is displayed when the cartridge is running low on ink. Even after the symbol has been displayed, the cartridge will contain enough ink.
  •   Ink cartridge contains the printhead and the contact points. These are two crucial components that are responsible for printing.
  •   The Printhead is responsible for spraying controlled amounts of ink using a fine nozzle on the empty sheet thus creating prints.
  •   When the ink dries, the printhead can get clogged and is the reason for cleaning the printhead ever so often.
  •   Along with the printhead, contact points are present on the cartridge and these are copper connections.
  •   They connect the cartridge to the printer which in turn is connected to the computer.
  •   Open the cartridge access door and open the latch to pull out the used cartridge. This is to be done gently to prevent ink from spilling.
  •   The new cartridge is taken and the tape present underneath is removed. They prevent anyone from coming into contact with the printhead.
  •   Then contact points as they might get clogged. Replace the cartridge, secure the latch and close the access door. Try printing from 123.hp.com/setup 7740.

123 HP Setup 7740 Scanner Not Working

  •    Scanning is an extended function of the printer. Scanning is the process that allows you to create a digital copy of your document,store it indefinitely.
  •   Additional functionalities can be associated with scanning and the following are few of them mentioned in detail.
  •   This would require the printer to go through the same process as printing in order to be able to properly scan.
  •   Start with downloading the driver software. Just as printing, any printer functionality to be performed would require the driver to be installed.
  •   Choose the driver that is respective to your printer model and the operating system that is running on your computer.
  •   Click download and wait for the process to complete. Go to the Downloads folder and double-click on the new file.
  •   The installation will commence and this process is completed by following the on-screen instructions. Choose the mode of network connectivity as desired.
  •   Your printer is ready to be operated upon. Proceed to scan. Remember that the process of scanning doesn’t consume ink as long as copy function.
  •   Proceed to scan by opening the scan lid and placing the document on the scanner glass.
  •   The scanner glass is very important for the process of scanning and it is imperative that the glass is as clean as it can be.
  •   Dirt accumulated in this section will provide blurry incorrect scans. Aligning is done by placing the aligning sheet on the scanner glass.
  •   The paper is carefully aligned with the marking mentioned and scan button is pressed. This is done so that the documents scanned in the future are not tilted.
  •   Place the document to be scanned on the scanner glass with the head facing down. Close the lid shortly after and choose Scan option on the computer.
  •   The 123.hp.com/ojpro7740 resulting document is sent to the computer. You can save it as a PDF or set it up to email the document to an email address of your choosing.

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