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The HP Officejet 250 is an all-in-one mobile printer that has the capability to Print, Copy, and Scan. Print from anywhere using the mobile printing feature. This compact portable printer fits in any of your desks. The 123.hp.com/oj250 mobile printer is an Energy Star Certified which means you can print your document with less energy without compromising the printer performance. You need not waste your time to trim your photos instead you can use the borderless printing feature. Easily scan and send digital files directly to email. With the Automatic Document Feeder, you can Scan and Copy multipage efficiently.


Driver download for mac and windows

HP Officejet 250 Driver Download

It is advisable to use the full feature printer driver and software. Based on 123 HP OJ250 printer and operating system compatibility, you need to download and install the suitable driver and software for the printer.

  •    The HP Officejet 250 driver is an essential for the printer to work. Without the driver, you cannot print a document or photo.
  •   You can install a printer driver in two ways: a. Using the installation CD b. From the website 123.hp.com/oj250.
  •   Use the installation CD to install the printer driver and software on your computer. Ensure that the CD is free from scratch.
  •   Place the CD into the computer’s disc driver. Use the on-screen instructions to run and execute the setup file.
  •   During the installation process, if you find any issue, you can use an alternative method.
  •   Visit our website 123.hp.com/setup 100, choose the Software Download option to get the latest driver and software for the printer.
  •   After completing the download process, you need to install it on the computer where you have saved the documents for printing.
  •   Download the .exe file for Windows operating system and download the .dmg file for the Mac operating system.
  •   Use the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Choose the preferred connection type during the installation process.
  •   Try to print a test document or photo using your printer 123 HP OJ250 to check its performance.

HP Officejet 250 Manual Download

As a user, all will expect the user manual for the guidance. With the help of the manual, you can easily setup and troubleshoot the printer. Are you looking for the procedure to download the user manual for the printer? Here are the tips which are mentioned below to download the HP Officejet 250 manual.

  •   Get directed to our website 123.hp.com/oj250, click on the Manual Download option. Enter your printer model to get the manual for your printer.
  •   After downloading it, save the manual on your computer for further reference.
  •   Are you looking for printer specification? Have a glance at the manual to know more about your printer.
  •   Once you buy a new printer, you need to set it up. Make use of the guides that are given in our manual to easily setup the printer using 123.hp.com/setup 100.
  •   Make use of the steps that are given in our manual to insert the cartridges into the printer properly.
  •   The manual also provides the tips for printer driver and software installation.
  •   If you find any issue with the printer, need not be worried. Use the procedures in the manual to easily resolve it.
  •   To avail more information, feel free to contact our technical experts on the toll-free number.

For 123.hp.com/setup 100 Printer Tech Support

HP Officejet 250 Ink cartridges install

An ink cartridge is an essential part of the printer to print a document. Use a genuine HP Officejet 250 ink cartridge for printing your document. Make use of the procedures that are listed below to install the cartridges of your HP Officejet 250 printer.

  •    Open the ink cartridge access door. Remove the new cartridge from its packing material.
  •   Peel off all the tapes and stickers from it. Place the color ink cartridge into the left side of the slot and then insert the black ink cartridge into the right slot.
  •   Make sure that the cartridges are clean. If not, the printer 123.hp.com/oj250 will not recognize it while printing.
  •   After placing the cartridges into their respective slots, lock the cartridge access door.
  •   Try to print a sample document to check the quality of the document. If you find that the quality of the document is as expected, you’re done.
  •   Start to print a print job. If you find that the document quality is not as expected, you can contact our technical support team on the toll-free number.

123 HP OJ250 Ink cartridges replacement from 123.hp.com/setup 100

You need to replace an ink cartridges that are low, faulty or out of ink. Make use of the guides which are given below to replace the cartridge of your printer 123.hp.com/oj250.

  •    Power on the HP Officejet 250 printer. Ensure that you have placed a plain white paper in the input tray of your printer.
  •   Unlock the ink cartridge access door. Halt until the printer is stable and noiseless before you start.
  •   Remove the ink cartridge from the slot. Take off a new cartridge from the packing material.
  •   Unwrap the tapes and stickers from the cartridge. Insert the black ink cartridge into the right side of the slot.
  •   Place the color ink cartridge into the left side of the slot. Reiterate the steps which are listed above for the other ink cartridge.
  •   Lock the ink cartridge access door. The HP Officejet 250 printer automatically aligns a newly installed cartridges.
  •   If you find that the printer did not automatically align the ink cartridges, align the ink cartridge from the control panel of your printer 123.hp.com/setup 100.
123 hp officejet 250-ink replacement
  •   From the printer 123 HP OJ250 control panel, access the Dashboard and then click on the Setup icon.
  •   Scroll up on the display, click Printer Maintenance–>Align Printer–> Continue.
  •   An alignment page gets printed. For any queries in 123.hp.com/oj250, you can consult our tech support team on the toll-free number.

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