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Best HP DeskJet Setup And Installation

Common 123 HP DeskJet Setup And Install Steps

  •   To begin setting up your printer, unpack the printer box. Carefully take the printer out of the box. Remove all the packing materials from the printer.
  •   Remove all the accessories from the printer box before discarding it. Inspect the printer surface for packing materials and tear it off.
  •   Open the ink cartridge access door and check the interior of the printer and remove the packing materials inside the printer.
  •   Close the ink cartridge access door. If your printer has a scanner, open the scanner lid. Peel off the tapes on the scanner glass.
  •   Extend the input and output paper tray. Remove the packing materials on the paper tray. Slide the paper width guides and tear off the tapes on it.
  •   Close the paper tray. Check the accessories of the printer for a power cord. Connect one end of this to the printer and the other end to a wall outlet.
  •   Press the power button to switch on your printer. Your printer will undergo a warm-up process. Wait for it to settle down.
  •   If you have a Touchscreen panel, tap on the Settings icon. If not, toggle to settings for HP Deskjet setup and customize details such as the date, time, and region.
hp deskjet setup
  •   Take the new ink cartridge and remove the packing materials from it. Hold it at a slightly upward angle and push the ink cartridge into its slot.
  •   Follow the same procedure to install more ink cartridges. Close the ink cartridge access door after installing the ink cartridge.
  •   Pull out the paper tray and move the paper width guides to its outermost extension. Load a stack of white paper and close the paper width guides. Push in the paper tray.

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123 HP DeskJet Printer Driver And Manual Download

123.hp.com/setup driver
  •   To enable and access various features of your printer, you need to install the required printer software driver on your computer system.
  •   You can install the software driver using the CD you would have received along with the printer. Insert the CD into the computer and follow the prompted instructions.
  •   The drawback of using a CD to install printer driver is that the CD might not be updated. The CD might not be compatible with your computer system.
  •   You can download the printer driver or software from our website 123.hp.com/setup. Choose the model number of your printer and select the OS version of your computer.
  •   The printer driver or software will download. Open the downloaded file on your computer and follow the prompted on-screen instructions to install it.
  •   It is recommended to download and install the full feature driver on your computer. If your computer is not compatible with it, download basic driver.
  •   If you are using Windows 7 or later OS versions on your computer you can download and install the HP Support Assistant application.
  •   This application notifies you regarding the updates and helps you download the right printer software driver and install it on your computer.
  •   If you are using a Mac, use Apple Software Update. This application helps install HP driver when the printer is connected to the Mac and updates the driver regularly.
  •   It is also important to update the printer driver and printer firmware on a regular basis. This enables various new features of the printer and helps fixing bugs.
  •   A Manual instructs the user and enlightens the user about the mechanism of a printer, ways to set up, the procedure to connect it, and diagnose various issues.
  •   You can download this manual or guide from the website 123.hp.com. This manual replace your needs to contact an expert regarding printer problems.

Quick 123 HP DeskJet Printer Troubleshooting Tips

  •    Printer, like any other electronic device, wears out over the time. Clean the system and clear the unwanted memory on a regular basis.
  •   You need not walk into a service center every time your printer displays an error message. Instead, you can troubleshoot and diagnose the issue yourself.
  •   The process of troubleshooting various issues are as simple as pie. We provide you with the steps and procedures to troubleshoot a lot of printer problems.
  •   If you have tried troubleshooting your printer with the procedures from our website www.123.hp.com and still have issues, call the toll-free number to get in touch with experts.
  •   Restarting your printer and your computer might help you diagnose or solve many issues. Eject all the wires from the printer and reconnect it back after a while.
  •   If the problem is not fixed after restarting your printer, reset the printer system. Plug out the power cord from the printer while it is running.
  •   Updating the printer driver and firmware will fix certain bugs and issues of your printer. This also enables new features of your printer.
  •   If your printer displays an offline message, disconnect and reconnect the printer to the network. Remove the printer software from your computer and re-install it.
  •   If you are having a paper jam, remove the jammed paper from the input and output paper tray. Clean the paper pick rollers and try printing again.
hp deskjet setup wireless
  •   If you have any print quality issues or copy quality issues, ensure that you have inserted papers that are compatible with your printer.
  •   Check the estimated level of ink, and replace the old ink cartridge with a new one. Ensure that you install genuine ink cartridges.
  •   These are the general procedures to follow if you have any HP Deskjet Setup Wireless issues on your printer. Check our website 123.hp.com/setup for more detailed, in-depth troubleshooting steps.

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