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123.hp.com/setup – HP or Hewlett Packard has been in the production of printers for almost 4 decades. The quality and the service provided by HP is something that as a user, you cannot get anywhere else. Incorporating innovation into devices that you use every day is something that only HP can effortlessly pull off. HP has been producing different types of printers for various purposes and uses. The unique aspect that differentiates 123 HP Setup Printers from the rest is the user-friendly interface and abundant features they provide in a single device. Keeping aside the production and marketing of HP Printers, the service that HP company provides with 123-hp.com setup support cannot be matched by its competitors. HP treats its customers with utmost respect and prioritizes them, irrespective of the intensity of the issue. Every customer is important to the company and HP assures it by the kind of service it provides.


Choose Your 123 HP Setup Printer


Setup 123 HP Envy Printer

HP Envy printers are one of the many printer models that HP company manufactures. These types of printer models are ideal for home and small office setups from 123.hp.com/setup. HP Envy printers use HP Thermal Inkjet mechanism for printing. These printers inject liquid ink on to the paper. The quality and clarity that HP Envy printers provide are unparalleled. HP Envy printers are compact and sleek. This printer can be operated by 15 and a 50-year-old. There are many models such as HP Envy 100, HP Envy 4520, HP Envy Photo 7155, etc. All of these models serve unique purposes.

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Setup 123 HP Officejet Printer

123.hp.com/Setup OfficeJet printers by HP are the most efficient printer models ever introduced in the history of printing. This printer has abundant feature sets for a compact sized printer. OfficeJet printers by HP are the best choices for an office or a business setup. The average monthly duty cycle of this model is around 1000 to 2000. HP OfficeJet printers use ink cartridges for printing. The printing mechanism of this setup hp printer is almost similar to Deskjet and Envy printers. Most of the printers are multifunctional, they enable print, scan, and copy.

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Setup 123 HP Officejet Pro

123.hp.com/Setup OfficeJet Pro printer series is the advanced version of HP OfficeJet printer series. These type of printers feature a large variety of capabilities in a small package. This enables the user to do bigger things from your small business setup. Using the thermal inkjet mechanism, OfficeJet Pro printers print crystal clear documents and photos. There are many variations of printer models launched in this series such as HP Officejet Pro 6830, HP Officejet pro 3260, etc. These printers enable multiple functions and can also print in mono and color using 123.hp.com support.

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Setup 123 HP Deskjet Printer

123.hp.com/Setup DeskJet printers can be considered as the most successful printer models introduced or manufactured by HP. The range of this printer varies from small domestic to large industrial models. The first DeskJet model was introduced in the year of 1984 by HP. Since then, this model did not face any fall on the graph. DeskJet printers are the models of printers that can serve various purposes. A DeskJet model printer is available for all your needs. 123 HP Setup DeskJet models are also the most cost-effective printer models by HP. Providing multiple features and functions at lower cost is what DeskJet printers are.

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For 123 HP Printer Tech Support

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Support and Solutions to Setup HP Printer Troubles

We provide the customers with various services and solutions related to setup HP Printers. The one-stop destination for all service and solution needs. Do you need assistance setting up your printer or installing the cartridges? Do not worry, you can download the user manual from our website 123.hp.com/setup or WWW.123-HP.COM

  •   Tired of getting error messages on your printer?
  •   Having issues with the quality of printed documents? Is your printer not functioning? Worry not, here we are.
  •   You need not walk into a service center every time your printer is having an issue. You can fix all the problems and issues by yourself.
  •   We have given you simple 123 HP printer troubleshooting steps on our website. Following which, you can solve the printer problems.
  •   Your printer needs drivers and software to function properly. You can use the CD that you received along with the printer to install the driver.
  •   The CD might not be updated or compatible with your computer. So it is recommended to Download the Software and Driver from support.hp.com website.
  •   We also provide you with the remote access facility which helps you print documents and photos without establishing a connection directly.

Guide to Setup 123 HP Mobile Printing and its support

  •   Mobile Printing Solutions enable printing documents and photos from your mobile phones, Android, and Apple devices.
  •   Download, install and setup 123 HP Smart App on your Android and Apple devices. Connect it to your printer and print the documents and photos on your mobile phone.
  •   Some of the HP printers support ePrint. You can email the documents and photos that you wish to print. Check for the small ePrint icon on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Turn on the Web Services option under the Wireless Settings. Tap on the Print Info option. An information page will print.
  •   You can email the documents and photos that you wish to print to that email address. Connect your printer to the network to begin printing.
  •   You can print documents and photos on your Apple device using AirPrint option. Ensure that your 123.hp.com/setup printer is compatible with it before you attempt to print.
  •   Open the document that you wish to print on your Apple device. Tap on the Action icon and press the Print button. Press the Select Printer option.
  •   Connect the printer and Apple device to the same network. Make the necessary changes under the Options. Once you customize the settings, tap on the Print option.
  •   You can also print documents and photos using Google Cloud Print. Connect your computer and your printer to the same wireless network.
  •   Tap on the Print option Google Cloud. Upload the documents that you wish to print and click Okay to start printing the document.

How to Setup HP Printer

hp printer wifi setup

HP Printer Support for wifi setup

Setting up your 123 HP Setup printer over a wireless network helps you establish a connection between your computer and printer without using a physical medium. All that you need to do is connect your printer and computer to the same wireless network. Add your printer to the printer list and you can start printing. Ensure that you don’t connect your computer or printer to a guest network. Tap on the small Wi-Fi icon on your printer and open the Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the prompted instructions from 123.hp.com/setup and select your network. Your printer will connect to the wireless network. If you don’t find your wireless network, tap on Enter New Network Name option and enter the details of your network. Download and install the required printer driver on your computer before connecting the printer to it. The wireless setup option enables you to print a document.

hp printer usb setup

HP Printer Support for Usb setup

USB setup is one among the various ways to connect your 123.hp.com/setup printer to the computer. In this method, you will use a USB cable to connect the printer and computer. Make sure that you don’t connect your printer to the computer before installing the required printer driver on your computer. Turn on the printer and wait for it to settle down. Log in to our website WWW.123-HP.COM and download the Printer Driver by entering the model number of your printer. Choose the correct version of OS and begin downloading. Open the downloaded document and follow the prompted instructions to install it on your computer. When the installer window prompts you to select the connection type, choose USB. Connect one end of the USB cable to the printer and other end to the computer. Do not connect the USB cable to a dock or a hub. Try printing a sample document.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

The printer is just another electronic device that wears out after a certain period of time. As a user, you cannot stop this. You can instead avoid it by cleaning the printer parts regularly, handling the printer with caution, and printing on a regular basis. If your printer displays an error message or malfunctions, you need not spend a fortune in repairing the printer. You can fix the issues yourself by following the simple troubleshooting steps given on our website 123.hp.com. Resetting your printer might solve most of your issues. Plug out the power cord and plug it back in after a while. Update the printer firmware by downloading it from our website WWW.123-HP.COM. Check the estimated levels of ink and toner. If the level runs low, replace the ink cartridge. Always use genuine ink cartridges and authentic papers to avoid print quality issues. For further queries related to troubleshooting, call the toll-free number or visit 123.hp.com/setup

How to Solve HP Printhead Error

  •   Ensure that the ink cartridge you use is genuine. Use authentic 123 HP ink cartridges, or your printer will display such error messages.
  •   Reset your printing system. Plug out the power cord from the printer while it is running. Wait for a while and plug the cable back into the printer.
  •   If the issue persists, unseat the printhead. Open the ink cartridge access door and wait for the carriage to settle down. Disconnect the power cord. Lift the carriage latch.
  •   Grasp the sides of the printhead and unseat it. Ensure that you don’t remove it. Reinsert the printhead and reseat it after a while. Push it in until it fits into position.
  •   Lower the ink cartridge latch and reconnect the power cord to the printer. Switch on the printer and try printing a sample document.
  •   If the issue continues, open the ink cartridge access door and wait for the carriage to move to the center. Remove the ink cartridge and close the access door.
  •    If the 123 HP Setup printer displays anything other than printhead missing error message, clean the ink cartridge contacts and try printing.
  •   Update the printer firmware. If the problem continues, replace the printhead. Service your printer if none of the above works from 123.hp.com/setup

How to Fix Not Printing Error

  •   Use genuine and authentic 123 HP Setup ink cartridges to avoid print quality issues. You may not able to print or achieve the optimum print quality by using a spurious ink cartridge.
  •   Check the estimated level of ink in your printer. If the level is too low, replace the ink cartridge. Open the ink cartridge access door and remove the old ink cartridge.
  •   Take the new ink cartridge and remove the plastic tapes on it. Insert the ink cartridge into the slot and close the access door. Try printing a document.
  •   If the issue persists, ensure that you have chosen the right paper size and type on the quality settings on your computer.
  •   Update the printer firmware by downloading it from our website. Open the downloaded file and follow the prompted 123 HP printer instructions to install it.
  •   Open the Devices and Printers window and right-click on your printer’s name. Tap the See What’s Printing option. Check if your print job disappears from the print queue.
  •   If it does not print, uninstall the printer software from your computer. Remove all the files related to it. Download and re-install the printer software.
  •   If the issue continues, service your printer. For further queries, call the toll-free number and get in touch with the 123.hp.com/setup experts.

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